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Dorothy MooreAt the age of 62 my mother’s mother died of breast cancer. She died because of the lack of knowledge. At the age of 70 my father’s mother survived breast cancer. The difference between my two grandmothers was late and early detection; and this is where my story begins.

It was a typical day at work when a co-worker in the mammogram department gave me a necklace. The necklace had different size beads. Each bead represented a different size lump a woman could find in her breast. After work I went home to relax, I took a bath and the necklace came to my mind. I then gave myself a breast examination and low and behold I felt a lump. I did not panic I immediately began to pray.

I asked God was the lump cancer and his answer was yes. I began to talk to God and I told Him that I did not want to take chemo or radiation. I asked God for his direction. I told my husband that I had found a lump in my breast. I explained to him that I was not going to take chemo or radiation because I believe God’s Word for my complete healing. My husband was supportive of my decision.

I went to see my doctor and had an ultra sound. The surgeon told me that he did not believe the lump was cancerous but I remember what God told me. The results came back positive stage two. I was set me up for another surgery to check my lymph node to see if the cancer had spread and it didn’t. My doctor told me I needed to see the oncologists. I explained to him I was not taking chemo or radiation. I went to see the oncologists because my doctor asked me to.

The oncologists I saw is a well known doctor in Chicago. She reviewed my records and advised me to take chemo and radiation. I then began to question her. My last question to her was did the surgeon remove all the cancer and did the cancer spread. She replied yes, all the cancer was removed and no the cancer did not spread. I then asked her if I was to take the chemo and radiation is it a chance the cancer can come back. She said yes. I asked her what the percentage . She said it’s a 25% chance that the cancer could return. I told her I was going to run with the 75% and left. God began to send people my way. I began to read and educate myself about breast cancer. The Lord sent me a Christian nutritionist and a Christian alternative doctor who use to work at a well known hospital in Chicago. I began to change my life style. I change my diet and began to take different herbs and supplement vitamins. The best medicine I took was the word of God. I stood on God’s word that I was healed and took His prescription every day. I am telling you my story to let you know that there is hope after you get any kind of bad news. And I am quit sure we all have experience unexpected illness at sometime in our lives or someone we love. But I would like to say that most illness comes from poor eating habits.

Food is not the same as it was 40 or 50 years ago. If you have high blood pressure stop eating so much salt, etc. Some people are asking God to heal them when all they have to do is stop eating certain foods. They are not doing their part in taking care of their own body, I Corinthians 6:19. I am not trying to condemn anyone for the choices they make regarding their health. I only want to encourage you to make healthier choices in order to live a healthier life style. I know you can do it and when you feel like you can’t, God will definitely help you. So I want you to put your body under construction. When you are in a construction zone, there is a lot going on and things don’t always look pretty in the beginning; but as time goes on, things start to look better and upon completion, the final result is a healthier you.

So don’t give up. The race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong but unto him who endures to the end. It has been nine years now. Isn’t God amazing. My Grandmother Ruth Norals is now 98 and she looks good. I know one day I will see my other grand mother Dorothy Moore in heaven. She was truly a righteous and a praying woman. I want to thank the Lord for showing me how to make a life style change for a healthier me. I give God all the praise, honor and glory because he is my Healer. Isaiah 53:5

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