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Breast Cancer

Breast CancerBreast Self – Exams
The best time to perform BSE is 7-10 days after your period. If you no longer have periods, do BSE on the same day each month.

Basic BSE Method
Use the flat surface of the three middle fingers to make overlapping, dime-size, circular motions on the breast tissue. Apply light, medium, and firm pressure to examine all levels of breast tissue.

Circular Pattern
Start at the top of the breast, and circle in toward the nipple, using small, circular motions to examine your entire breast.

Lying down
Place a folded towel or pillow under your shoulder, and extend your arm out at an angle. Then, examine your breasts using the pattern described above. Lying down spreads the chest wall, and you can feel all of the breast tissue more easily.

In the mirror
Look for visible changes in your breasts (1) with arms at your sides, (2) with arms over your head, (3) with hands clasped under your chin while flexing your chest muscles, and (4) bent forward with breasts hanging.

In the shower
Start by gently lathering each breast. With one arm raised, examine each breast and underarm area with the opposite.

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