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Coffee Enema

Coffee Bean Enema

Coffee enema is very stimulating to the live and is the greatest aid in elimination of the livers toxic wastes.

Early in the morning or before bed time brew 2-3 cups of distilled water with 4 tablespoons of organic caffeinated coffee , The caffeine stimulates your liver.

Never use instant coffee.

Use distilled water. Never tap water. Put 1 to 2 quart of coffee in enema bag.

Lay a towel on your Bathroom floor.

Lubricate tube with olive oil.

Hook the enema bag over the bathroom door knob.

Lie down on towel on your left side. Never stand or sit while taking an enema.

Insert your lubricated tube into your rectum. Release the water and take in as much as you can into your colon.

Clap the water flow.

Stay on left side for 5 minutes and then turn on your back for 5 minutes. Repeat the process on your right side.

You may massage your abdomen up the left side, across, and down the right side.

Now sit on toilet and release the coffee. Place your feet on a bathroom stool if you have one.

Now you’re finished.

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