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Forgiveness is canceling a debt. Some people can’t forgive because they feel like somebody owes them something. You might feel they can at least say they’re sorry. When you do forgive you are not saying what they did was ok, you’re just putting the situation in Gods hand. Jesus said vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord. Romans 12:19. There are times when your mind will want to rehearse the offense over and over again. You have to make a choice to forgive. Forgiveness is not a feeling, but rather an act of ones will. You must detox your mind and get the poison out. So when bad thoughts come, cast them down and do not meditate on them. Forgive and you will be forgiven Luke 6:37.

Words to Meditate
Seek peace with all men.
Have self-control decide ahead of time how you would respond to conflict.
Give people room to make mistakes.
Show kindness and mercy to others.
When you forgive you are not weak but strong.
This is the big one. Love your enemies. The Greek word here is agape which means seeking the highest good of those who hurt us.

Meditate on Gods word.


Honeys Healthy Living
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